Race Rules

Please familiarize yourself with the Race Rules. All participants will be expected to know them.

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  1. All paddlers participating in an MPH event must register prior to the registration deadline and must have an MPH boat number assigned. If you fail to register or check in, then you could get counted in place of somebody who is missing and could delay search and rescue!
  2. All paddlers must arrive at registration/check-in before the published closing time of registration. Paddlers will receive a 1 minute time penalty for each minute they are late to registration, or may be DQ'd at the discretion of race officials.
  3. All race participants must have and use a leash. All participants are encouraged to carry an alternative safety/rescue aid such as a whistle, reflective tape, personal floatation device, airhorn, or smoke. Persons who do not use at least a leash will be DQ'd the first time, will be fined the second and will be prohibited from participating if there is a 3rd offense.
  4. You must start behind the line or escort boat. Creeping forward or jumping the start will result in a 2 minute or greater penalty.
  5. You must finish inside of the finish buoy (unless conditions make it unsafe). Finishing in any other place will result in a non-time and resultant DQ.
  6. You must go around any required turn buoys. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  7. All boats, boards and other equipment must be in good operating condition. If you question whether your equipment can handle the conditions, you should not go out.
  8. For safety, you must wear a bright, visible jersey while racing. Whether or not a jersey qualifies is at the discretion of the race director. If conditions warrant, the race director may waive this rule and allow paddlers to race without a jersey, this will be announced on race morning. If the rule is waived, a bright visible jersey is still strongly recommended as conditions can change at any time, and good conditions do not guarantee safety.
  9. Canoes & surfskis must use MPH issued number stickers.
  10. Be safe. Evaluate the conditions. Check the wind, currents, wave size and tidal reports. If in doubt of your ability to handle the conditions, do not take the course. There is no shame in helping from shore. Overestimating your ability puts yourself, other paddlers, and our escort patrol at risk.
  11. The Race Director always has the right to alter a course, prohibit a racer from taking the course, or change any rule if the Race Director deems it necessary for the safety and well being of the sport and paddlers.
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